Standard/SMART Water Pitcher Cartridge


The Crystal Quest SMART Water Pitcher Filter Cartridge (Standard) has 4 stages of filtration that conveniently provides approximately 2,000 gallons (6-12 months) of quality water and addresses, but not limited to; chlorine, VOC’s, THM’s, heavy metals, bad taste and odor. This filter cartridge is reversible which will eliminate the potential for channeling and maximize filtration and capacity.



Construction Materials Operating Specifications
Polypropylene End Caps Minimum Operating Pressure: 30 psi (2.1 bar)
Polyolefin Inner/Outer Wraps Maximum Operating Pressure: 60 psi (4.1 bar)
Polyethylene Netting Minimum Operating Temperature: 40° F (4.4°C)
Buna-N Gaskets End Caps Maximum Operating Temperature: 100° F (37.7°C)
*Capacity is an estimate only and is dependent on influent water contaminants and filter usage.


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