Water Pitcher Filter System

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Large Capacity Ultimate Pitcher provides clean, great-tasting water conveniently, waiting and chilled in your refrigerator. Comes with Standard (SMART) filter

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Large Capacity Ultimate Pitcher provides clean, great-tasting water conveniently, waiting and chilled in your refrigerator.

  • Crystal Quest® Pitcher Water Filter is the only leading brand with 4 stages of filtration
  • Removes contaminants from water
  • Provides 8-12 cups
  • Perfect for entertaining
  • Slim, space-efficient shape fits neatly into refrigerator (9″L x 4″W x 11″H)
  • Contemporary, stylish design
  • Convenient flip-top lid for easy re-filling; handle designed for comfortable pouring
  • Conveniently provides 2,000 gallons (6-12 months)* of quality water
  • Designed in attractive white and blue colors
  • Cartridges available for De-Mineralizing or removing Arsenic & Fluoride.

7 reviews for Water Pitcher Filter System

  1. P.A. Ramey

    Good filtering, smaller than expected & hard to pour
    After using this for two weeks, I like it overall, and was happy to be able to find an online site with testing results showing that it cleared more substances than most pitcher filters can do. I also like the fact that the filter life is long. I bought it to replace a countertop filter which I used for years and which would not attach to my new kitchen sink faucet; I was hoping a pitcher would be simpler, and it is. It is smaller, however, than the more common brands that are easy to buy in-store, and the pour-spout area is quite small so that it does not pour quickly — when I’m filling my teakettle or the dogs’ water, it takes quite a few seconds to empty; and it is not very big so then needs to be refilled and I have to wait for a second batch to filter.

  2. Debra A

    Five Stars!
    Love, love, love Crystal Quest! Don’t have to buy bottled water anymore!

  3. Coregon

    Great filtering system.
    After researching many water filtration systems, I have been using this for 7 years. Great filtering system, long lasting filters, economical. I also have used shower filter and love it. Unless something better comes along, I will remain with this filtering pitcher.

  4. Roy Rawlings

    Pitcher looks great! Already had their under sink water filter system, give it 5 stars, pitcher looks great, haven’t used it yet. Don’t need it because have the under sink. Bought it for road trips, same basic filter as under sink so sure it will work great.

  5. Melissa

    Love it. Works great. Solid company with great service.

  6. Peter R.

    We have used these in the past. Sometimes a little mold forms at the bottom outside or inside, so after five years or so we get a new one. The filters seem to have improved also, our tap water have never tasted better. Four layers of filtration I believe. Highly recommend this over BRITA, and in fact I think it’s cheaper.

  7. Ekaterina S

    I followed the directions for how to start up the filter, and it was not ready right away. The filter itself took about 12 hours to start freely passing water through it (at first I thought something was wrong with it but then it started up). However, once it started, it works GREAT!!! The pitcher is easy to hold, easy to fill up, filters beautifully, keeps filtered and unfiltered water separate when pouring, is easy to clean, and yield QUALITY WATER. We are in NYC and we can INSTANTLY TASTE THE DIFFERENCE between the chlorine/fluoride and hard minerals in the water, and the SILKY, VELVETY, LIGHT, CLEAN water that comes out of that pitcher. We are SO HAPPY with this product. Thank you Crystal Quest!!!!!!

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