Do you enjoy the editorial content on Home Water Filtration Systems? Are you a publisher of a blog, website or simply enjoy to write? We’re always looking to grow our Editorial Contributor Team. We want Home Water Filtration Systems to be a collection of voices that represent a variety of different perspectives. and that includes yours. If you have good advice and want to share with the world, let us know!

We DO NOT accept posts that are advertising in nature or written specifically to drive traffic to a particular site. 

What We’re Looking For:
Articles covering topics that are in line with what you see on Home Water Filtration Systems. Read through some posts to get an idea of who we are and what we are all about. If you feel you would fit into our niche we would love to hear from you.

Here are a few tips for making sure yours rises to the top:

  • Start out with a bang. The first few sentences of your piece are the most important, so make sure you have a strong hook at the beginning. You want to immediately engage your fellow MORE visitors.
  • Make a point. We hear lots of heartwarming tales of struggle and triumph. To make yours stand out, find a way to make it unique and relatable. What can others learn from your struggle? How can their own lives benefit from the knowledge you’ve gained.
  • Don’t fancy it up. Write how you speak to others. Your story should be a conversation, not a term paper.
  • Put a positive spin on it. Home Water Filtration Systems is all about looking at life with an upbeat attitude. That doesn’t mean we’re not realists, but we steer away from the snarky, mean-spirited, and depressing.

And, please remember, we can’t respond to every single submission but we will respond in a timely manner to those we feel are a good fit!

To apply for a for a spot with our Editorial Contributor’s Team send an email to:

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Topics that you would cover on 777 Bible. If you have descriptions + titles for your articles please include this as well!
Examples of previous work.
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